Hi there and welcome on my website,
you probably stumbled on my site by accident or if we just had a qso.
Here you will find some info about my stations and my projects i have been busy with.
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The callsign i recently use is 19MEX001 or if i use my remote station in South-France i use the callsign 14/19MEX001.
I do get many questions how this system works that i use remote or how i have setup,
well ;) i have made a website with some information how and what i have used but the project is still under construction and waiting for a upgrade.
This will all be posted on the buildlog of the remote station.

As for my other stations the base and remote station, this would be the same story as the remote, still in progress but i guess this is with many radio hobby lovers and they recognize what i just wrote.
Enjoy the the surfing on my website and if you like to know how i have done something or a setting in a radio , equalizer , amplifier etc just drop me a message and i will try to get back on that as soon as possible.

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Vince / 19MEX001